Thursday, October 11, 2012

C & K Dental Boutique

When most people think about the dentist, they probably don't have happy thoughts. I was one of those people. In general, I'm typically not the ideal patient. I'm terrified of needles and I faint at slightest bit of discomfort. However, last Friday, C & K Dental Boutique on Amboy Road gladly took me in and provided me with ZOOM! Teeth Whitening.

Though I entered the beautiful office a little bit nervous, I was greeted by a wonderfully kind staff who eased my concerns. Dr. Cicero & Dr. Kenyon took care of me and explained the procedure. I was also joined by a familiar face (and employee) - Kelly Lam! Her daughter was "adopted" by my sorority as an honorary Alpha Omicron Pi member a few years ago.
After matching the color of my teeth to a chart for reference, we began. A gel was applied to my teeth and all I had to do was sit for three to four 15-minute sessions and watch TV! Dr. Cicero said that my teeth may become a bit sensitive and if for any reason I felt like I needed to stop, we could. She also said that I would probably only do three of these sessions. This made me feel better since I'm not so good with pain.

I have to admit that my teeth were a little sensitive (but remember that this is coming from me - the big baby with pain). I opted to stop right before the third session was completed (nearly 45 minutes in), but it turns out I didn't really need to complete it anyway. When the gel was removed and I had the chance to look at my teeth, I was amazed! My teeth were (and still are) sparkly white! I thought that my teeth looked good before, but this is an outstanding improvement.
One week later, and my teeth still look great! I didn't know that my smile could look like this. Thank you so much to Dr. Cicero & Dr. Kenyon. Want to visit C & K Dental Boutique for your ZOOM! Teeth Whitening? I wouldn't go anywhere else! Call to make an appointment, stop into their office to meet them, and "like" them on Facebook!

C & K Dental Boutique
Address: 5434 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10312
Phone: (718) 356-9700


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