Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PS30 Girl Scouts

Happy new year, everyone! I am sad to say that it is almost time to crown the new Miss Staten Island -- only 23 days remaining in my reign. However, I still have a few blogs to bring to you and some appearances on the way.

Back in December, I visited the Girl Scout Troop 5091 at Public School 30. Their troop leader, AnnMarie, contacted me to ask if I would speak to her girls and I gladly agreed. I was a Girl Scout when I was younger and I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me.
 I had no idea, but it turned out that my visit was actually a surprise for the girls! When I arrived, they were very excited to find out that I was the special guest and after enjoying a few snacks, they began to talk to me about my experiences this past year. I was able to tell them all about being Miss Staten Island, the work that goes into it, my platform, and even a little bit about my personality and favorite things. "Miss Staten Island, what is your favorite color?" "How long have you been dancing?" "What kind of music do you listen to?"
After I answered all of their many questions, AnnMarie surprised the troop with gifts. Each girl received a sash that read "GS Troop 5091" and a crown! I then showed them the "pageant walk" and we strutted down the aisle of the auditorium.
I had a great time with GS Troop 5091 and I know that there could be some future Miss Staten Islands in that bunch with the way they walked! Thank you, AnnMarie, for having me. It was great to take a trip back to my Girl Scout days and I hope that the girls took away some valuable information from the experience.

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